Finding my Voice Again After a Massive Stroke


What would you do if a stroke stole your voice?

Former television broadcast journalist Vivian King was taking a seemingly harmless prescription pill and suddenly suffered a stroke that robbed her of her voice. She battled through neurological intensive care and hours of therapy, leading to a miraculous recovery which astounded even her doctors. King admits the medical care she received was unparalleled, but she believes her secret weapons were her faith, family, and friends converging to lead her from trauma to triumph.

When the Words Suddenly Stopped is Vivian’s story. If you have suffered a health emergency impacting you, your family and friends, this book is your guide.  Vivian shares how she discovered a powerful three-step process that led to her ultimate healing. In this book, you will learn how:


  • A team of loved ones can assist and advocate for you in the health care system

  • Showing determination can push you through to recovery

  • Communing with God can change everything


Start finding your voice again today!


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